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Consumers spend less on copiers, printers, faxes, and scanners.

Consumers spend less on copiers, printers, faxes, and scanners.

Gone are the days when consumers had to spend hundreds of pounds on copiers, printers, faxes, and scanners. Now with the fast developing world of the Multi-functional printer also called MFP’s or all-in-one printers. The consumer has a wide range to choose from. If you require a small desktop MPF for home-use or a free standing device with finishing facilities, such as, stapling, hole punching or even making a complete booklet there is a machine out there for you.


Most consumers know that their multi-functional device will print, scan, copy and fax but they may not know that the multi-function printer is capable of so much more.


The ADF (automatic document feeder) comes standard on most MFP’s this allows the user to copy or scan a number of documents in one go. The capacity of the ADF ranges from a 50 original to 275 sheets. Most manufacturers produce 2 types of ADF’s the first type and most common is the RADF, this is the Reverse automatic document feeder this has a single scanner head which means that if you are copying or scanning a 2 sided document the page is turned over in the feeder. The second type is the single pass feeder, this has 2 scanner heads built in which means if you are copying or scanning a 2 sided original the feeder scans the front and back at the same time. The benefits are that there is an increase in scanning speeds and less chance of jamming.


Most people know of basic scanning options i.e. Twain scanning which scans into programs such as Microsoft Word, then there is SMB scanning which scans into a network folder. But most MFP’s support scanning into an email account as standard as well, most manufacturers are aware of the growing trend of businesses wanting a paperless office and have developed software to help with this.

Copying and Printing

As MFP’s become more advanced, the speed and quality that the devices have has got a lot better. New MFP’s are a lot more economical to run and have options built in to reduce costs even more, including a toner saving mode or double sided printing as default. Most MFP’s have options which allow the customer to set the machine as default Black/white or Auto colour, another method of saving money.


Although faxing is becoming a thing of the past some people still require this option. The benefits of having this option built into the MFP is firstly the cost to produce a fax, but also the flexibility you can send faxes straight into a folder which saves on paper and toner. Also using the ADF the speed and quality as vastly improved.

Network Printing

Most smaller MFP devices support wireless printing as standard and are very easy to set up, as for your standard office MFP they support all print languages and also other options such as Air print, this function allows the user to print or scan from mobile devices.





There are many benefits to buying or leasing a new multifunctional printer. Not only do they save space in the home or office and ultimately save you money. And with the easy to use operation panel and the added functions, work productivity will increase and you will be a step closer to a paperless office.

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