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Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is the new Government back scheme to help business’s and organisation s protect themselves against common cyber attacks.

At Holker IT we have embraced the Cyber Essentials (CE) methodology in order to engage with and develop a deeper understanding of cyber risk across our customer base.

We are also committed to ensuring that all new installations meet the requirements of the Cyber Essentials Standard.

The Cyber Essentials process involves discovery followed by investigation to identify gaps between what an organisation does and the standards laid down in the CE charter. We use this analysis to actively support the change management process with the customer and address the identified gaps.

Cyber Essentials is a self assessment standard and is externally certified by a Certification body, thus adding an independent technical audit and verification to process.

Why should your organisation consider Cyber Essentials as a necessary security measure?

  • Mitigate common cyber threats – the average cost of virus infection on productivity alone can run into the £1,000’s
  • Protect company assets and IP – your valuable data, customer lists, pricing, product design & technology.
  • Tender for contracts that require a Cyber Essentials certified supplier (MOD and Local authorities )
  • Enhance customer trust and confidence
  • It can provide market differentiation and competitive advantage
  • It can reduce insurance premiums


Network Security by WatchGuard

WatchGuard Firewall Technology is an essential component of any Holker IT solution. We believe Watchguard provides the very best protection and is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading providers of protection solutions.

WatchGuard’s underlying security technology remains equally strong across the full range of solutions which means we can deliver effective solutions for business of any size.

WatchGuard also support a range of ‘live security’ modules, which are constantly updated to offer up to the minute protection against the every changing Cyber threat. Hackers pose a constant threat so you can rest assured your firewall solution is kept fully up to date and provides the best, constant protection.
WatchGuards live security offers packet filtering, intrusion prevention service and web content filtering.

Hosted Email Scanning by AppRiver

AppRiver is one of the World’s leading providers of email scanning and hosted email services. With a strong focus on security AppRiver technology provides a secure and flexible email solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Blocking unwanted email threats whilst ensuring genuine email traffic is allowed through is a difficult and complex task. AppRiver technology provides the tools to manage this process. Management of the technology is provided at the user level through a simple but effective user interface.

AppRiver is also able to provide additional security features:

  • Email Continuity Service – Provides secure remote access to email from any internet connection.
  • Secure encrypted email – Provides business control over sensitive or highly confidential email content. This allows a user to prevent recipients forwarding or printing your email. Users are also able to delete a sent email or password protect the email to ensure that only those who are authorised can open it.

Anti Malware Scanning by Eset

Through experience we believe Eset’s range of virus and malware security product to be the all round best virus scanning engine currently available. Our engineers constantly utilise Eset’s powerful technology. When faced with a virus infection on an unprotected system, our engineers have found Eset’s online scanner incredibly powerful at identifying and nullifying any potential threats.

But no anti-malware solution can be effective if the virus definition database is out of date, which is why Eset’s centrally managed console provides our engineers with the tools to manage and control the deployment of Eset across our clients entire organisation ensuring they are always fully protected.

Eset’s PC/laptop encryption software Desloc also a leads the way for speed and controllability when it comes to managing devise encryption across networks.

Whilst Holler IT always recommend that laptops are fully encrypted before use, many business’s often fail to calculate the true value of their remote assets until after it has been lost.

We often ask our client the following question – What do you have to do to a laptop to make it worth £10,000 ? The answer is of course load some sensitive data on to it, which is why its crucially important to protect all devices.

With Holker IT you can take comfort from knowing your systems are using the best anti-virus solutions and are being protected round the clock.
See Eset in action:-

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